New coffee franchise opportunities throughout the U.K.

Join the family!

Leonardo’s is a family run business with franchises in the Midlands since 2005, we are currently looking to expand with franchises throughout the UK. We offer full business start-up plans with services including site surveys, guidance on running a successful business and annual creative meetings to contribute to new menu ideas and discuss marketing and growth plans for a better future.

A Leonardo’s franchise does not require huge investment; whether its a large presence on a busy high street or a coffee kiosk our business model is scalable to match your budget and requirements.

“Our aim is to please our customers, our priority is a good quality coffee.”

M. Dougal, Founder and CEO.

Are you a start-up or an existing cafe?

We have got a package to meet your needs, become part of an affordable franchise and enjoy all of its benefits:


Benefits include:

1. Site Visit
2. Indoor and Outdoor Layout Design
3. Equipment Arrangment
4. Staff Training
5. Coffee & Sundries Supply
6. Advertising on this Website
7. Branded Packaging
8. Branded Service Crockery
9. Delivering full stock from our own Ancillary list
10. Business support to help you achieve your goals
11. Trade Mark & Franchise License Agreement


Existing Café

Benefits include:

1. Trademark & Franchise License Agreement
2. Advertise your hard work with your own brand
3. Use your own packaging
4. Same design, same logo
5. Easy and efficient transition
6. Same taste, same quality
7. Brand recognition
8. Coffee & sundries supply
9. Advertise on the main group website
10. Delivering full stock from our own ancillary list
11. Business support to help you achieve your goals


Register your interest

If you wish to become a franchisee or one of our distributors please do not hesitate in contacting us. Please fill in our contact form and relax, you have took the first step on the way to success as a Leonardo’s franchise.


Please leave us a message and a member of our team will get back to you.


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